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Title: 2023 Amphora

Artist: Stellmacher

The Reissner, Stellmacher and Kessell Amphora Porcelain Works(RStK) was founded in 1892 in Northern Bohemia. Eduard Stellmacher, son of RStK founder Alfred Stellmacher, began his own ceramics company in 1905, and “Amphora 2023” is an early example of his solo work.2 This black, gold, and green iridescent piece, done in the Art Nouveau style, has a Stellmacher stamp as well as a faded but recognizable red logo on its underside.

Title: 3D Printed Handle Cup

Artist: Yun Ju Cheol

Title: Abstract

Artist: David C. Heaps

Title: Abstract Vase in Verdigris

Artist: Chris Gustin

Large abstract vase in verdigris glaze, 1986; Signed and dated

Title: Amoraph

Artist: Virtox

Title: Amphora Ceramic Vase with Lizard

Artist: Edward Stellmacher

Tall Amphora ceramic vase with lizard and mushrooms, Austria, ca. 1905; Marked EST 11 on bottom, signed Edward Stellmacher to body

Title: Amphora Vase

Artist: Stellmacher

Title: Anatomical Heart

Artist: Nicolas Henri Jacob

Title: Anfora Esperma

Artist: Juan B Gutierrez

Title: Angel Visiting Sleeping Man Ball Clock

Artist: Doxa

The Doxa example is over wound but runs, automation works. Light surface scratching a minor dents throughout consistent with use. Item 340: erotic ball clock Arabic numbers, wound and set by lever at top, painted face, angel visiting man in bed, man has erotic animation that is automatic and continuous after winding, face signed, "Aut..."(?), viewable works, front and back open at notches, works engraved, "Doxa" provenance: Father Time Antiques, Chicago, IL, 2000

Title: Angle Vase

Artist: Ken Price

Title: Aorta Collection

Artist: Jonathan Adler

Title: Aorta Collection

Artist: Jonathan Adler

Title: Armchair

Artist: Thonet

Title: Armchair

Artist: Thonet

Title: Armchair with Gilt Wood

Artist: N/A

Opulent chair design from early 20th century, the elaborate heraldic presence in the Grotto style carved backrest, legs tapering down to lion feet & consistent application of gilt give the piece a particularly aristocratic or court-like appearance.