Maxim Velcovsky

Maxim Velčovský the Czech designer and teacher at the Academy of Arts. He exhibited in the Czech Republic and abroad, and his works are included in collections of the Museum of Decorative Arts in Prague, the Victoria and Albert Museum in London , in New Pinakotéce in Munich and the Museum of Design and Applied Arts Mudac in Lausanne . It is primarily the creation of glass and porcelain. Proposes to design products in their own studio Qubus, crystal products for the company Bohemia Machine and acts as artistic director of the company Lasvit.
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Title: Little Joseph

Artist: Maxim Velcovsky

Title: Ornament and Crime

Artist: Maxim Velcovsky

An unfamiliar merging of two memorable entities from Valcovsky’s childhood within the Czechoslovak Socialist Republic, the delft — or ‘blue onion’ — pattern sits awkwardly on the iconic bust, as though tattooed. ‘Ornament & Crime’ hints at how an infamous icon can become remarkably commonplace and ornamental in universal usage, Lenin’s fearsome reputation distilled down to a decorative element that sits alongside the earthenware upon a mantlepiece. The title is a tongue-in-gesture to the work of Adolf Loos, deriving from his 1910 lecture that attacked ornamental works of art in modern society.