Takashi Hinoda

Takashi Hinoda is a Japanese visual artist who was born in 1968. Takashi Hinoda has had several gallery and museum exhibitions, including at the Mizuma Gallery. Several works by the artist have been sold at auction, including 'State Power; The Echo (Delayed); One Hand Clapping' sold at Christie's Hong Kong 'Asian Contemporary Sale (Day Sale)' in 2008 for $8,063. There have been Several articles about Takashi Hinoda, including ''Takashi Hinoda — Alternative Muscles'' written by Matthew Larking for The Japan Times in 2011.
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Title: Fluid World

Artist: Takashi Hinoda

Artist Takashi Hinoda uses his ceramics to convey a hybrid of japanese manga, anime and comic-like intensity and stop-motion in wrenched, corrupted form.  ‘Anime’s odd shape could be animal or mineral, irregular protuberances and curves aping landscape and body contours equally. The freckled texture of the ceramic and cartoon skin tone is mutable, Hinoda increasingly drawn to the tonality as a representation of organic form after violent gas attacks in the subways of Japan in 1995 brought human fallibility into a national consciousness. An array of spheres covering the surface are painted to embody characters — the playful range of emotions picked out by careful two-dimensional embellishment that seeks to vacillate between surface and sculpture.